New Secretary

We are sorry to report that our Secretary, Andi Wright, has left us for pastures new. We thank Andi for her service through a difficult period and wish her well.

We are happy to report that Deni Thompson has agreed to become Secretary of the Friends.

February 2022

The Surgery’s performance

“As I’m sure you know there has been quite a lot of criticism over the past months of local surgeries failing to serve their patients properly and in particular not providing enough face to face appointments. Chiddingfold Surgery has not been immune to this and many of the allegations seem to be based on mischievous rumour mongering. I am aware that one or two neighbouring surgeries have been failing to give a satisfactory service; however, as Friends of the Chiddingfold Surgery, we are naturally concerned that we are being tarred with the same brush and have discussed it with Dr Watts. From what he has told us, and the statistics he has given us, we are quite sure that Chiddingfold Surgery has been working very hard within the restrictions imposed by Covid and have provided the best service possible. I won’t give any more facts here about what the Surgery has achieved at this difficult time but please contact me at if you would like to have further details.”

Simon Inchbald, Chairman of the Friends.

February 2022

2021 AGM

The AGM was held on 17th June using Zoom. The Chairman’s Report and the accounts for 2020-2 were presented. There were no changes to the Trustees or officers.

The next AGM will be held about the same time next year, allowing for the Platimum Jubilee Bank Holiday.

June 2021


Friends of Chiddingfold Surgery are delighted to announce that they have been able to donate funds to enable the doctors to purchase an ECG machine and two AMBPs (24-hour blood pressure monitors).

Before Covid 19 the doctors were able to lend the existing machines to five to seven people in a week; but now it’s only a couple of people as due to regulations the machines cannot be used again for 72 hours following sanitisation. The cost of these three new machines is just over £4,000 and will make a big difference allowing more patients to be assessed quickly.

May 2021

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