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2021 AGM

The AGM was held on 17th June using Zoom. The Chairman’s Report and the accounts for 2020-21 were presented. There were no changes to the Trustees or officers.

The next AGM will be held about the same time next year, allowing for the Platimum Jubilee Bank Holiday.

June 2021


Friends of Chiddingfold Surgery are delighted to announce that they have been able to donate funds to enable the doctors to purchase an ECG machine and two AMBPs (24-hour blood pressure monitors).

Before Covid 19 the doctors were able to lend the existing machines to five to seven people in a week; but now it’s only a couple of people as due to regulations the machines cannot be used again for 72 hours following sanitisation. The cost of these three new machines is just over £4,000 and will make a big difference allowing more patients to be assessed quickly.

May 2021


The Friends have registered with Amazon Smile. You can support us at no cost to yourself if you’re making a purchase on Amazon. A small window will pop up asking if you want Amazon to make a donation to a charity on your behalf. You can then nominate the Friends and a small donation will be made by Amazon. Or you can go directly to https://smile.amazon.co.uk/ch/1080617-0 to register.

October 2020

2020 AGM

The postponed AGM was held on 22nd October using Zoom.

The Annual Report and accounts for 2019-20 were presented.

Nigel Southon and Andi Wright were confirmed as trustees, with Andi as Committee Secretary. Christine Goudie was confirmed as Events Secretary. There were no other changes.   (For full details see About FCS.)

The 2021 AGM is provisionally scheduled for 3 June 2021. Members will be notified nearer the time. (For details of membership, click here.)

October 2020


“In these exceptional times it is heart warming to see how village communities are working to help mitigate the effects of the pandemic and the Friends of the Surgery are pleased that we have also been able to contribute.

We have paid for another set of scrubs for the Surgery and we have also provided six pulse oximeters. (As well as recording heart rate these also measure oxygen saturation in the blood; essential when lung function may be compromised.) We pay tribute to the small army of volunteers who are busily stitching the scrubs and those who are organising and distributing them and we are glad that we have been able to help in a modest way.

We can assure our donors that the money they have given to us is not sitting idly in the bank; it is being used prudently as and when the need arises.”

Simon Inchbald

June 2020


The Friends usually hold the AGM in late May or early June. This year, due to the coronavirus, it has been postponed. We hope to hold it in the autumn, conditions permitting.

Zoe Burdett has resigned as secretary. The Committee thanks her for her hard work and wishes her well.

In the meantime two new members have been co-opted on to the Committee: Nigel Southon and Andi Wright. And Andi has taken on the role of secretary.

May 2020


Our annual fund raising Quiz was held in the Chiddingfold Village Hall on Saturday 8 February 2020. It was very well supported and raised almost £2,000 for the Friends. Thank you everyone who came!

February 2020


The Friends of the Surgery are delighted to confirm that the Surgery returned home to Chiddingfold on 26 November 2019, less than 11 months after the destruction of the buildings by the fire. The speed of the rebuild is a testament to the endless hours of hard work put in by all those involved with the Surgery, both doctors and staff. The Friends of Chiddingfold Surgery wish to extend our thanks and gratitude on behalf of the whole community.

December 2019


We had our usual stand at the Chiddingfold Fete. Again, we had the popular hook-a -duck as well as splat-the-rat. And as usual, the Doctors took blood-pressures.

Thank you to all who supported us.

June 2019

2019 AGM

The AGM was held on 6th June in the Watts Room at Chiddingfold Village Hall. We were very pleased to meet the members who came to spport us.

Dr Cameron-Blackie resigned as a trustee on her retirement but otherwise the Executive Board and Trustees are unchanged. The annual report and accounts for 2018-19 can be found here.

June 2019

Farewell to Dr Cameron-Blackie

The Friends of Chiddingfold Surgery met to present Dr Gwen Cameron-Blackie with a commemorative vase in recognition of her recent retirement from the Surgery. Dr Cameron-Blackie joined the Surgery in 1996, some 23 years ago, having first worked there as a locum. Together with her partners she was at the forefront of the construction of the new surgery building at Ridgely Road and the setting up of FCS to support the new surgery in its desire to provide a cutting edge service to its patients. Many of the pieces of equipment which Dr Cameron-Blackie asked FCS to purchase several years ago have only now become standard pieces of kit in all doctors’ surgeries which is testament to her great contribution to the welfare of our Community. FCS would like to publicly acknowledge and thank Dr Cameron-Blackie for her years of dedicated service.

April 2019


The Friends of the Surgery are delighted to confirm that the re-building of the new surgery has already started less than three months after the terrible fire. We have now officially closed the Fire Appeal. We, and the entire surgery team, would like to pass on our whole hearted thanks to all the the people in Dunsfold, Chiddingfold, Hascombe, Hambledon and all the surrounding areas for your amazing generosity. For more, see this article which is appearing in May parish magazines.

April 2019


We want to thank the many donors for their amazing support since the fire. As a result, the Friends have already spent some £7,000 on urgently needed equipment and will be making further purchases as the need arises. Here is a note that recently appeared in Parish magazines.

March 2019


The Friends of Chiddingfold Surgery were devastated at the news of the terrible fire at the Surgery on 7th January.

Details here.


We are sorry to hear that Geoff Rose passed away on 2nd October. Geoff was Treasurer of the Friends from 2011 to 2014. We offer condolences to his family and friends.

29th October 2018


The Friends have funded the purchased of a refrigerated vaccine carrier to be used between the Chiddingfold and Dunsfold surgeries. Without it the Flu Clinics in Dunsfold would no longer be possible due to a change in rules. This will benefit in particular those elderly Dunsfold residents for whom the journey to Chiddingfold is difficult.

August 2018


We had our usual stand at the Chiddingfold Fete. As well as Doctors taking blood-pressures, and our usual splat-the-rat, we had a new attraction – hook a duck! This proved very popular indeed – and was surprisingly difficult.

Thank you to all who supported us, making a valuable contribution to our funds.


A huge thank you to everyone who came to our annual fund-raising quiz held on 3rd February at the Chiddingfold Village Hall.

The Hall was full and everyone enjoyed the highly entertaining questions from our Quiz Master Neil Denyer, interspersed with a delicious ploughman’s supper and a (mostly alcoholic) raffle.

A magnificent £1,869 was raised which will help us to buy and maintain more essential equipment for the Surgery that is not provided by the NHS. We have recently purchased new defibrillators, just the type of life-saving equipment that is on the Surgery’s shopping list.


The Friends have recently purchased two new defibrillators: one for Chiddingfold Surgery and one for Dunsfold Surgery. This is only a small part of the ongoing work by the Friends.


Come and see us at Chiddingfold Village Fete on 11th June. Our stand will be, rather appropriately, outside the chemist as usual.

Blood pressure monitoring and health information will be provided. And you can have a go at “Splat-the-Rat”!


On 22 May we had the great pleasure of formally opening the new treatment room at Chiddingfold Surgery, the Davis Room. The fitting out and equipping of this room was made possible by the generous legacy of former patients John and Sylvia Davis and we were delighted that their daughter and her husband made the not inconsiderable journey to attend the opening of the Room by our Chairman and Mayor of Waverley Simon Inchbald.

2017 AGM

The AGM was held at the Surgery in Chiddingfold on Thursday, 25th May 2017.

The Charity’s annual report and accounts for 2016-17 are here.


We’ve launched a new membership scheme. It’s open to all users of the Surgery and it’s free! Details here.

QUIZ – 28th OCTOBER 2016

Following last year’s successful quiz, we held another on 28th October 2016 in Chiddingfold Village Hall. Thanks to all our supporters and to quizmaster Neil Denyer for an enjoyable – and profitable – evening.



Once again, the Friends ran “Splat the Rat”, which again proved popuar with youngsters.

Dr Claire Willett, assisted by Nurse Kate Davies, performed free blood pressure checks and provided information on prostate cancer.

2016 AGM

The AGM was held at the Surgery in Chiddingfold on Thursday, 19th May 2016.
Report 2015-16
Accounts 2015-16


Mr Creighton Redman has stepped down as Chairman of Friends of Chiddingfold Surgery after six years and handed over to Mr Simon Inchbald.

During his tenure, almost £70,000 was raised to purchase and maintain medical equipment for Chiddingfold Surgery and its branch surgery in Dunsfold.

Dr Darren Watts presented Mr Redman with gifts from the Doctors and expressed their sincere thanks for all his fundraising efforts and the ongoing benefits that this has meant for the Surgery’s patients.


Having been Chairman since 2009, Creighton Redman has decided to stand down with effect from 1st December, but remains on the Committee. The Committee would like to thank him for all his hard work.

We are pleased to announce that Simon Inchbald is acting Chairman until the AGM in May.

QUIZ – 30th OCTOBER 2015

A hundred supporters enjoyed a great evening at our fun quiz in Chiddingfold Village Hall on 30th October. Our thanks to them for their generosity and to Neil Denyer for running the quiz.

2015 AGM

The AGM was held at the Surgery in Chiddingfold on Thursday, 9th July.
Accounts 2014-15



Dr Gwen Cameron–Blackie, Nurse Henny Chrimes, Dr Claire Willett and Dr Darren Watts supporting The Friends at the Fete.

This year instead of the usual Silent Auction the Friends put on an event for children and managed to attract 345 splatting attempts at their “Splat the Rat” Stall, often with a queue of youngsters eager for another challenge!

In their Marquee the Doctors performed free blood pressure checks to those volunteering, whilst as the Fete coincided with National Diabetes week Darren Watts supported this by discussing the risks involved with interested parties from data gained via Diabetes UK.


Quick read 2015-s

Creighton Redman, Chairman of the Friends of Chiddingfold Surgery, presents a QUICKREAD CRP Machine to Dr Gwen Cameron-Blackie and Health Care Assistant Cathy Chuck.

With the increasing problem of bacteria becoming immune to antibiotics, it is important to prescribe antibiotics only when they are really needed. The QUIKREAD CRP is a state of the art machine that analyses a blood sample to see whether the patient has a bacterial infection, which can be treated by antibiotics, or a viral infection, against which antibiotics are ineffective. By doing this analysis at the Surgery, the right treatment can be started immediately rather than delayed while a sample is sent away for analysis. This is another example of The Friends assisting in providing the medical equipment to enable diagnosis and treatment to be made locally.



Photo courtesy Surrey Advertiser

Following an Inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) the Friends of Chiddingfold Surgery are pleased to announce that Chiddingfold Surgery has been rated as outstanding for the quality of care it provides, as well as being both responsive and well led.

The findings were based on 38 indicators which highlight a number of areas of outstanding practice. These included:
• High effective care planning system for patients with long term conditions
• Innovative approaches to encourage patients in vulnerable groups to access care services
• A proactive approach to managing patient admissions and discharges from hospital.

The report went on to say that it was clear that all the staff at Chiddingfold Surgery went out of their way to provide the best service to their patients – especially in their care of older people, families with children and those whose circumstances may make them vulnerable.

Dr Gwen Cameron-Blackie thanked all her Surgery staff, both clinical and non-clinical, for their dedication and commitment to the people in their care. It was a team effort and an accolade in which everybody must share.


Our thanks go out to all who so generously supported our Wine Appreciation Evening on Friday 24th October. Some 80 people attended to hear David Wright, Managing Director of ABS Wine Agencies, take us through the various wine growing districts, pointing out the individual characteristics that gave both shape and flavour to the many varieties of wine that we regularly enjoy drinking. We were shown maps of the growing areas, soil fertility, rainfall etc., to be followed by a taster of some of the wines that were on display.

The evening was introduced by Barrie Pople, who explained the production process for the Champagne Cyder that James Lane produces at the Gospel Green Winery.

It was an excellent evening, greatly enjoyed by all who attended. The event raised £1,050, which is a very welcome addition to our funds to support the medical equipment that we purchase for the use of the Doctors and Staff at Chiddingfold and Dunsfold Surgeries.

We are most appreciative for the very generous support that everybody has given us in 2014 and do hope that you will continue to do so in 2015.


The Chiddingfold Fete was blessed with a glorious sunny day, and the Friends’ Silent Auction Stall was a great attraction to many visitors who sought to place winning bids for the items and vouchers on display. The photo shows Chairman, Creighton Redman, trying out the cross-trainer.

Fierce competitive bidding took place with the result that the day raised over £1,200 for the Friends. This enables the Friends’ to fund vital medical equipment needed to serve the Doctors and their Staff in the diagnosis and treatment of patients at both Chiddingfold and Dunsfold Surgeries. It was a first class effort by all concerned and we thank you – both donors and bidders – for the great support you gave us.

2014 AGM

The 2014 AGM was held at the Surgery in Chiddingfold on Thursday, 21st May. The accounts for 2013-14 and the Chairman’s report were presented.


We look on a successful past twelve months where we have raised in the region of £13,000 and continued to purchase valued medical equipment for use in the two Surgeries.

A “theoretical consultation” example illustrates the value of our contribution. A two year old boy went into the GP’s Surgery recently with a cough, high temperature and feeling unwell. When the Doctor checked him over, he was found to have a chest infection requiring antibiotics. As part of the examination the Doctor used the new blood oxygen saturation monitors purchased by The Friends of the Surgery to check his blood oxygen levels. This was achieved, without having to send him to hospital, by a non-invasive, painless light test on his finger, on the spot, producing a result without a wait. This helped the Doctor to assess how unwell he was since a low oxygen level is an indicator of the severity of the infection. This shows the partnership The Friends have with the Surgery works for the good of all patients using the practice.



All agreed that a most interesting and entertaining evening was held under the guise of “The Call Your Wine Bluff Quiz” at The Chiddingfold Village Hall on 25th October. The Bluffers, Darren Watts, James Lane and David Hamill described in exquisite detail some excellent wines dispensed by David Wright of ABS Wine Agencies Ltd. It was for the audience to decide which provenance fitted the explanation given. You can’t fool all of the people all of the time but each of the three managed to convince at least some of the people some of the time! Thanks to the excellent support the event raised just on £1,200.

We thank you for all your support in 2013 and wish you all a Very Happy Christmas.

AGM – 15th MAY 2013

At the AGM of “The Friends” held on 15th May the Chairman was able to report another successful year in the pursuance of their Objects.  They had purchased two Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring Machines, one Waiting Room Blood Pressure monitor (for the Dunsfold Surgery) and one Ambulatory ECG Monitor at a total cost of £8,800 and continued to cover maintenance costs of £2,400 for the Medical Equipment they own.

They have been fortunate to receive donations of £6,000 during the year and last summer again maintained a stall at the Chiddingfold Fete which raised the excellent sum of £1,900.  The autumn saw them stage a very a successful “Call my Bluff Wine Quiz” to raise £700 and, all in all, can look back on a year fully satisfying the Doctors’ Equipment requirements.

They extend thanks and appreciation to their many generous donors both for cheques received and money given in the Collection boxes strategically placed in the villages.  They appeal for you to continue your generous support in this way, to enable them to continue their specialist activities during the many changes currently taking place in the NHS re-structuring programme.</p


The changes in the NHS that will take place on 1st April will further promote better use of existing resources, so important in these austere times. Whilst we are awaiting further more definite information it is hoped that these plans will encourage surgeries to adopt new procedures that make best use of rapidly developing technology, in providing medical services locally that were previously so costly and complex that they could only be made in a hospital setting<p style=”text-a

The Surgery will be able to draw on suitable resources but, of course, could well have a requirement for more medical equipment, which will mean that The Friends role will be enhanced to help and support this major and beneficial way forward, by way of continuing to provide and maintain equipment that is not routinely available from the NHS. We hope we can count on your continued backing.

Currently The Friends are negotiating to purchase an Ambulatory ECG Monitor for use in primary care which is an innovation in the patient pathway, enabling procedures to be effected in the patient’s home rather than necessarily at the Surgery. The cost will be in the region of £2,500, with continuing support funding of around £300 p.a. being required.


We are delighted to announce that our “Call Your Bluff Wine Quiz” was a sparkling success. Led by David Wright of ABS Wine Agencies, ably assisted by “Bluffers” Darren Watts, Barrie Pople and John Lane taste buds were tweaked by alleged descriptions they put forward with great confidence. It proved to be not only a fun evening but also, from ticket sales and donations, produced close on £700 for the benefit of the Surgery.



Despite the cool and rather damp weather, The Friends of Chiddingfold Surgery ran a very successful silent auction at the Chiddingfold Fête on 10th June. We were delighted to raise a total of £1,971 and we even managed to sell all our auction items on the table. We want to give a big thank you to all our supporters – donors, buyers, and volunteers – who helped make this such a successful fundraising event.

From The Surrey Advertiser, 9 December 2011

Friends’ ECG gift

Presenation of ECG machine

Creighton Redman, Chairman of The Friends of Chiddingfold Surgery,
with Dr Gwen Cameron-Blackie and Nurse Henny Chrimes. Photo: Surrey Advertiser

‘With the success of their £30,000 fundraising appeal, the Friends of Chiddingfold Surgery continue to purchase new medical equipment for use by the doctors in Chiddingfold and Dunsfold. They have already provided a Holter monitoring machine and a DIY blood pressure machine and are concentrating on moving the surgeries’ capabilities forward, in accordance with NHS Policy, to transfer control and commissioning of medical care services into local hands.

The most recent gift – an electrocardiogram machine – was presented to Dr Gwen Cameron-Blackie by Friends group chairman, Creighton Redman.

“This will be another very versatile weapon for the surgery armoury,” he said.

“This allows an analysed, digital display of the patients’ heartbeat rhythm to be taken locally and used either by the doctors in their remedial procedures or sent electronically to the Royal Surrey County Hospital cardiologists for further examination.

“This is yet another example of patients being able to avoid the challenging journey to the Royal Surrey in Guildford and instead receive diagnostic and restorative treatment by our resident team of doctors,” added Mr Redman.’


Chairman of The Friends of Chiddingfold Surgery and Dr Watts with the new Blood Pressure Machine

Chairman of The Friends of Chiddingfold Surgery and Dr Watts with the new Blood Pressure Machine

The Friends of Chiddingfold Surgery are pleased to announce another “First” in their efforts to keep the medical services provided by Chiddingfold and Dunsfold Surgeries at the leading edge of patient care. We have now purchased a Self Service or DIY Blood Pressure Machine that has been installed in the Information Room adjacent to the Surgery Reception Desk. This will enable patients to choose their own time, take their own blood pressure and weight without having to make an appointment with a Doctor or Nurse. This also helps remove the prospect of “White Coat Hypertension” (where your blood pressure goes up when confronted by the Doctor or Nurse!) Just ask the Receptionist if the room is free and the instructions are simple to follow. It’s a win – win situation for patients because it is a better way of making a diagnosis and the NHS actually saves money!

This underlines the current Government Policy to move more and more medical and diagnostic services towards GP Surgeries and away from the large hospitals. The Friends of Chiddingfold Surgery are well equipped to take up this mantle but need your support to add to the equipment they already supply.

We are pleased to announce that Geoff Rose has joined us as our new Treasurer, having just retired from that position at St Mary’s Church after many years of service. Paul Gilbert has moved on to bolster the many Chiddingfold activities in which he is involved. We are most appreciative for all the support he has given us over the past five years. Geoff is well placed to receive donations no matter how small or large!


It is with great delight and happiness that I can announce that the “Friends” have now achieved their target of raising £30,000 in their Surgery Appeal.

This, in the space of 18 months, is magnificent but is solely due to the generous support that so many have given in answer to our pleas over this period. We are most appreciative and offer a very big “thank you” to all who have responded so generously.

This puts us at “Base Camp” level and means that we have placed our Charity on a firm financial footing on which to face the future. As I write this article we are reading headlines in the Press; “Health Bill in Peril”, and that David Cameron is facing renewed pressure to change key parts of his NHS overhaul. There is no doubt that we are on the hinge of history and there will be change. The Friends must now wait for announcements towards the future shape and structure of the NHS but there is little doubt that we shall be asked to adopt an enlarged role from what we see at present.

We continue to invest in new equipment for the Surgery’s use and have recently purchased a digital camera to photograph skin lesions and wounds. This allows digital copies to be viewed over a period of time by Practice Doctors and outside Specialists without the inconvenience of the patient returning to the Surgery or having to travel to Hospital.

In the meantime we have to maintain an income stream to insure and service the various items of medical equipment that we now own. To this end we will again be running a Silent Auction stall at the Chiddingfold Fête, on The Green, on Sunday, June 12th. If you have any items that would be suitable for display and auction (unwanted Christmas presents?!), no matter how large or small, I would be most appreciative to hear from you.

Creighton Redman

March 2011 Newsletter 2011


“The Friends” Featured in Surrey Advertiser,  February 2011

Online: Get Surrey “Dunsfold Surgery Appeal in Final Stages”
(And also featured in Surrey Advertiser, Cranleigh issue, 18th February 2011 and the Godalming issue, 11th February 2011)

November 2010 Newsletter


Presentation of Holter Monitor, June 2010

The Chairman, Creighton Redman (left), on behalf of The Friends of Chiddingfold Surgery, handing over to Dr Darren Watts (right) a new Holter Monitoring System which had been purchased at a cost of £5,600.

This machine measures a patient’s heartbeat (ECG) over a day and is used to look for any irregularities. This investigation used to occur at the hospital so it significantly reduces hospital attendance for the Surgeries’ patients.

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